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Hair loss can be devastating and it can be very difficult to know where to turn to for responsible advice. This clinic is held by a Medical Doctor, qualified General Practitioner and recognised Trichologist who belongs to the International Association of Trichology and several other organisations to keep up to date in the field

Trichology from a Medical Doctor

Click the icon to book a face to face or virtual appointment to have a detailed consultation looking at the factors behind your hair loss including general health, medication, nutrition and other matters. The appointment will help to determine whether the hair loss is likely to be temporary or permanent. If your hair loss is potentially treatable, the personalised Trichotest is available.

During Covid-19 restrictions the initial consultation must take place virtually. A face to face follow up may be recommended ddepending on the hair loss condition.

DNA Testing for personalised care for hair loss

Click the icon to book TrichoTest. Further information can be found on https://uk.fagron.com/en-gb/product/fagron-trichotesttm-hair-loss-treatment
You will be able to have a detailed consultation with a doctor and a follow up appointment which can be done remotely. You need to bring 2 forms of identification - one photographic, and one address within the previous 6 months to your initial appointment

TrichoLab - Hair Loss Diagnostic Report

Click on the icon to book a comprehensive assessment which includes a Full consultation and follow up, a TrichoTest for personalised hair loss solutions (for alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and balding) and TrichoLab which includes a detailed hair loss report from internationally renowned experts.

Scalp and Hair Clinic – What to expect

It can be hard to know where to turn to for help with so many aestheticians entering the hair restoration market.  Many people don’t realise that the majority of trichologists have not had the benefit of comprehensive training in all aspects of health which occurs in medical training. Be rest assured that the service provided to you is based on a decade of learning in the business of non-surgical hair restoration, informed by regular monitoring of the evidence base plus membership of various relevant professional groups. You will therefore not be offered treatment unless there is a sound basis for it. Where the evidence is less clear, this will be explained to you.  

Your journey starts with understanding the cause of the hair loss.  The process starts with a detailed consultation covering your general health, medication, nutrition, family history and hair care practices.  This should ideally be done face to face, to examine close examination of the scalp, but because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the journey can start virtually. Once you have booked your initial consultation you will be asked to send in good quality photographs of your hair and scalp, and complete a questionnaire.  It is also helpful to have a Summary Printout from your GP as this will include important diagnoses and blood tests.  (You are entitled to obtain this free of charge and by email from your GP).

It is recommended that you book for a  consultation + TrichoLab imaging to get precise imaging of your scalp as well as a second opinion from internationally recognised dermatologists.   The cost of  the consultation includes  a follow up appointment within the first month to discuss the initial recommendations and then within 6-12 months as it can take many months to see progress.  The recommendations may be changes to your lifestyle, specific medical treatments, recommendations for further investigations or a referral to a dermatologist.

If you would like to speak to a medical doctor who is also recognised as a trichologist, please make an appointment.

The TrichoTest is also available which is a great innovation in personalising treatment for hair loss.  The TrichoLab report is an excellent way to track progress because of the high precision measurements and the second opinion from experts facility.

If you would like to learn more about the ethos of the clinic please listen to the podcast with The Doctors Kitchen on https://thedoctorskitchen.com/podcasts/69-eat-for-your-hair-with-dr-ingrid-wilson

Dr Ingrid Wilson Certified Trichologist, International Association of Trichologists (IAT)
British Hair and Nail Society
Medical Member of The Trichological Society
Society of Cosmetic Scientists
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