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Hair loss can be devastating and it can be very difficult to know where to turn to for responsible advice. This clinic is held by a recognised Trichologist who belongs to the International Association of Trichology and several other organisations to keep up to date in the field

Medical Trichology

Click the icon to book a face to face appointment to have a detailed consultation looking at the factors behind your hair loss including general health, medication, nutrition and other matters. The appointment will help to determine whether the hair loss is likely to be temporary or permanent. If your hair loss is potentially treatable, the personalised Trichotest is available.
The initial consultation must take place face to face, but you will be able to contact your consultant for further advice.

DNA Testing for personalised care for hair loss

Click the icon to book TrichoTest. Further information can be found on https://uk.fagron.com/en-gb/product/fagron-trichotesttm-hair-loss-treatment
You will be able to have a detailed consultation with a doctor and a follow up appointment which can be done remotely. You need to bring 2 forms of identification - one photographic, and one address within the previous 6 months to your initial appointment

Hair loss products - to buy online

Click on the icon to buy hair loss products. Enter the code Crewe1 at the checkout to get a 5 discount off shampoos, camouflage fibres Toppik), Mane Spray, Supplements for hair loss including Viviscal Professional and much more.

Scalp and Hair Clinic

Ethical evidence based solutions for hair loss problems. If you would like to speak to a doctor who is also recognised as a trichologist, please make an appointment. The TrichoTest is also available which is a great innovation in personalising treatment for hair loss.


A non surgical approach to hair restoration

Connected with dermatology

Connected with dermatology


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Certified Trichologist - International Association of Trichologists. For further information about the range of services available please visit www.crewehairandskinclinic.uk


About supplements

Think carefully before taking supplements.   It is very tempting to take a supplement that indicates a benefit for hair.   A healthy balanced diet, with food from all the food groups is best for supporting hair Read more…

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Dr Ingrid Wilson MB ChB, BSc, MPH, FFPH, MTTS, IAT

Medical Trichologist

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