The past few months have been tough for everyone, having to make changes due to coronavirus.

As a gesture of support, and in recognition that virtual consulting has become the new norm in both medicine and trichology, the consultation price  was significantly reduced at the start of lockdown from £175 to £100.

Regrettably in order to continue to provide the level of service that is currently available which includes follow up, it will become necessary to increase the cost of a consultation and follow up appointment to £200.  The increase  will be staggered gradually, so will increase to £125  from July 5th, to £150  from August 5th, to £175 from September 5th then £200 from October 5th.

This still represents extremely good value as the majority of trichologists do not have a medical background and will not be able to prescribe for TrichoTests themselves.  The majority of hair transplant surgeons will be doctors and their focus will be on surgical methods of hair restoration.

The main base for this clinic is in Crewe, so if you would like to find out more about the range of non surgical options that are available for hair restoration please visit

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