There is an unmet need for the care of patients with skin of colour experiencing hair loss in the UK. 

This statement is made against the backdrop of a weekend of demonstrations where the inequalities in deaths from Covid-19 in the UK and other unfair and unjust reasons has been acknowledged following the killing of George Floyd.

There has also been a national petition over the weekend asking that the medical school curriculum contains more diversity in its imagery so that people with darker skin tones can be managed by clinicians who have been adequately trained through having seen images of darker skins in their text book.  This will hopefully lead to better outcomes through more prompt recognition.

The inequalities in accessing prompt diagnosis and treatment for hair loss in black women is part of this problem. For that reason I wrote a series of 3 articles for Aesthetic Medicine Journal to help to inform aesthetic practitioners who may be approached by people with afro-textured hair for hair restoration procedures.

I am grateful for the support of Dija Ayodele, founder of the Black Skin Directory for facilitating the introduction to the editor and for sharing the article across her networks including to hairdressers.

The article takes the reader through how to assess a patient with hair loss and details  hair care practices  which many people without afro-textured hair will not be familiar with.  Hopefully it will be of some value to hairdressers.

It can be viewed in the June edition of


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