This hair loss service has been created to help people who may have received a service elsewhere and want to do more about their hair loss or scalp itching/flaking.  Some people may have seen their GP and received the relevant blood tests but want to discuss their hair loss in more depth to find out what they can do about it.  The clinic is able to give  up to an hour  rather than the typical 10 minutes in a GP consultation. Patients  also want to assess whether their hair loss is likely to be permanent as  I have undertaken training in Trichology.  The majority of trichologists in the UK do not have a medical or clinical background and will therefore not be able to prescribe medications or be trained  in the latest medical developments on hair. However they are likely to have received training in diagnosing hair loss conditions which can help to equip patients with the relevant information if they need a referral to a dermatologist.  I have written an article for the Aesthetics Journal which was published in February 2020.

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