Trichology is the name given to the study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp.  It owes its origin to the ancient Greek word ‘thrix;’ which means hair.

In 1860 a semi-scientific interest in hair loss and hair care originated in a London barbershop under a self styled Professor Wheeler. By 1902 this interest in hair disorders became known as Trichology, and the first Institute of trichologists was founded [1]

Over the next few decades the branch started gaining momentum and in 1974 the first trichology course was developed at the University of Southern California under the tutelage of David Salinger, an office bearer of the Institute of Trichologists and the newly formed International Association of Trichologists. Both of these institutions are still active  in education. 

The International Association of Trichologists allows people trained by the Institute of Trichologists to be listed as one of their members.

[1]  Trueb RM; Vano-Galvan S; Kopera D; Jolliffe VML; Ioannides D; Gavazzoni Dias MFR; Macpherson M; Ruiz Avila J; Gadzhigoroeva A; Ovcharenko J; Lee WS; Murugusundram S; Kurata S; Chang M; Tanglertsampan C. Trichologist, Dermatotrichologist, or Trichiatrist? A Global Perspective on a Strictly Medical Discipline.  Skin Appendage Disorders. 4(4):202-207, 2018 Oct.


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