As a medical doctor with an interest in Trichology, it was an honour and a pleasure to be invited to lunch with Dr Rupy of The Doctor’s Kitchen.  We both have a background in General Practice in the UK and  have recognised that in general, doctors receive very little training on the impact of nutrition and health.

Most UK GPs also receive less than a day’s education on hair loss conditions before qualifying – so the combination of hair and nutrition is generally one that has not been explored in great detail in most professional interactions about hair.

This is a lost opportunity because there is increasing evidence that nutrition impacts on hair health.

Please have a listen to this podcast to find out more about what led to my professional interest in hair loss. It is quite long – over an hour, but hopefully it will help to explain why I think it is important for people to be offered non-surgical options for hair restoration.

#69 Eat for your Hair, with Dr Ingrid Wilson


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