During January 2021,  the Queens walking group put on an online event called Black Hair Rocks, which was a partial re-run of part of the original event in November 2020.

The Queens Walking Group is a genuine walking group based in South London. Joan Bailey from the group felt it was important for the group members to keep in touch online during the first lockdown, and she organised a wide range of events  online.

The January 2021 event took place during lockdown 3 of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and started at 8am!  I was invited to come back after the November 2020 event in part because there had been some sound quality issues from my side at the original event.  The whole event is viewable on YouTube.

It has been recognised that hair shedding can happen  after Covid-19 infection, but there are often several factors contributing to hair loss.

During the lockdown period many women with afro-textured hair reached out to the clinic.  People with this hair type will experience the same hair loss conditions as people with other hair types, but there are certain hair loss conditions that affect people of African descent more.

 At the moment, the full range of services has to be significantly altered to reduce close contact, and the clinic in Crewe has had to close. However it is possible to start your journey with a virtual consultation. There is no charge for follow up within the month to check that you are happy with the plan, and then a further follow up within 6-12 months to track your progress.

This recording explains how the clinic services evolved in response to the pandemic, and looks at 2 types of hair loss found more commonly in women with Afro-textured hair: Traction Alopecia and CCCA.

Queens Walking Group has now launched a YouTube channel where the recordings of complete events will be viewable.


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