We’re excited to announce Fagron TrichoTest™, the only genetic test to recommend hair loss treatments based on your DNA and lifestyle factors, can now be done from the comfort of your own home.

TrichoTest™ is a global first in the treatment of hair loss. Studies show there is a relationship between your genetic profile and how your hair loss responds to different types of treatment.

This means not all hair loss treatments work for everybody and the success of any given treatment can depend on your genetic profile and lifestyle.

Thanks to the unique analysis performed by Fagron TrichoTest™ we can identify which hair loss treatments are most likely to provide the best results for you. The process is easy and requires a simple saliva swab and virtual consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

Don’t let lockdown get in the way of finding the best hair loss treatment for you.

Contact us today to book a virtual consultation and begin your journey to personalised hair loss treatment.


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