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Dr Ingrid Wilson qualified as a General Practitioner in 1999.  and as a Consultant in Public Health Medicine in 2006. After personal experience of hair loss she realised that like many GPs she  had only had the equivalent of less than a day’s worth of training in diagnosing and treating hair loss conditions before qualifying.

Unable to find a suitable course at the time for GPs she completed a 2 year  Trichology course at the Institute of Trichologists between 2010 and 2012.   At the time she was the only practising doctor to have completed that course in its 100 year history.  She  obtained a distinction in both years and won the John Mason Memorial Prize. She then gained further experience by seeing patients at clinic atthe Institute of Trichologists, the Private Clinic of Harley Street and in surgical/dental practice rooms in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

As the majority of trichologists come from hairdressing backgrounds so are not able to prescribe for hair loss conditions. She wanted to be able to provide a hair loss service that made use of her training in General Practice and Trichology but which also enabled people to get practical help with hair loss from wigs, hair pieces and hair replacement systems. 

She is aware that the majority of  doctors working  in hair restoration are hair transplant surgeons – and they are increasingly recognising that a variety of approaches are needed to support hair restoration other than surgery.  Dermatologists are the other group of doctors working in hair restoration, and I am fortunate to be a member of the British Hair and Nail Society  whose membership comprises mainly consultant dermatologists which provides an excellent resource for understanding what dermatologists can offer and what is happening in research.

Using her previous training in Public Health Medicine she has created protocols for common hair loss conditions based on reviewing the evidence base, and attending meetings for the various hair  related societies she belongs.


  • International Association of Trichologists
  • British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (Affiliate Trichologist)
  • British Hair and Nail Society (Special Interest Group of the British Association of Dermatologists)
  • Society of Cosmetic Scientists
  • Primary Care Dermatology Society
  • Faculty of Public Health (Fellow)
  • The Trichological Society (Medical Member)
  • International Association of Trichologists subscriber (monthly meetings)
  • TRI talks attender

There are many clinics offering hair restoration services without a similar background of training and updating in the field.

To find out more about what a trichologist is please follow this link https://afrocenchix.com/blogs/news/what-is-trichology  

The attached article published by the Clinic Director in February 2020’s Aesthetics Journal explains the range of issues to consider when seeking help from a hair loss expert.

Affiliate Trichologist Member BAHRS
British Hair and Nail Society
International Association of Trichologists
Society of Cosmetic Scientists
Medical Member of The Trichological Society