What is TrichoLab?

TrichoLAB is a form of Trichoscopy, which is a way of looking at the hairs growing out of the scalp and the scalp at high magnification.

It is non-invasive fast and painless. A series of panoramic and microscopic scalp images are taken in specific areas using a digital dermatoscope.

The images are seucrely transferred to TrichoLAB in Europe where they undergo an in depth statistical analysis and where they are assessed by hair experts.

Detailed data on hair andhair follicles are used to calculate key parameters like hair density, average hair shaft thickness, number of empty hair follicles, hair distribution etc.

The data provided by the TrichoLAB report helps with identification of your hair disorder  and helps to create an individual therapy concept.

This service is only available from medically qualified hair specialists and is used across the world.

How do I prepare for the examination?

No specific preparation is required. However it is advised not to use artificial hair fibres. For better visibility hair dyeing is advised for grey hair.

No shaving or plucking is required.

What does the report look like?

The image below shows part of a report.  There is also a clinical opinion provided at the end of the report.

Example TrichoLab report

Should I have the examination repeated?

Simple before and after photographs can be misleading, so it is recommended that further TrichoLAB imaging is done to monitor the progress.